Participatory Arts

Lockdown Letters

Working with Entelechy Arts during the Covid-19 pandemic, the Ambient Jam group could no longer meet in person. Instead artists created online letters to send to the participants. In response to the whole situation, Robyn composed the song 'Lalalalalalala' and created this video.

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As associate artist with Re-Live theatre company, Robyn works with an ongoing group of people sharing their experiences of living with dementia. The group originally performed at Chapter Arts Centre, Cardiff in November 2014 and has continued to support each other, develop their work and give performances around South Wales.

The video, which was live streamed to online audiences across the world, is available to view here. Visit to find more information about their life story work.

Walking Through Walls

Robyn works as an artist with Entelechy Arts creating improvised performances in a care home setting in a project called Walking Through Walls. Alongside two dancers, Robyn drifts through the corridors and when invited from room to room engaging with residents in palliative care through music, dance and conversation.

These are two drawings in response to experiences had in a care home and one recording of a piece of music played on the accordion, recalling an experience which was improvised at somebody's bedside.

Walking Through Walls 11 June
You Are So Strong.jpg