Invisible Salon

Robyn and Margaret open Invisible Salon for one night in somebody's bedroom in Stoke Newington for Riposte's London Launch exhibition January 2019.

Hidden on the top floor of the house, with the camera in the corner covered over, someone sat in the chair to have their wig worked on and the show began.

An evening in the salon became a recital of Robyn and Margaret's songs with guest appearances from Dietrich Graf Van Holsen Hasler, The Angry Chicken, James and finally a filthy stinking Piss'n'shit.

RIPOSTE organises exhibitions in intimate life spaces such as flats and houses, and aims to open the door of standard art galleries: what is art if it is only accessible in museums? How does art mix with our everyday life? For whom do we make art, and in what conditions? Why do so many talented artists never showcase their work?

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Photos by Henri T Art @henri_t_art

Robyn Herfellow | Musician Artist Performer | London

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