Invisible Salon

Keyfabing the Never Visible

Robyn "The Dreamer" Herfellow, "Ring General" Margaret Leppard, William "The Tower" Leach, Rod "Pummeller" Oughton, Alex "Shredder" Haines and Oedipussi as "The Ref"

Act I

Dream-Catching James

Act II

Questions to the Floor


A Schmoz - The Hokie Kokie


A Brazilian Maracatu

Set up your angles, pick your faces, heels and tweeners, set up the squared circle, the ropes, the posts, you have work to do, no smarts, no smarks, no gas, a collection of stiffs, swerves, spots, served up by exóticos, monsters, technicians, someone’s gonna get a job, let’s meet our inner marks. Kayfabe the Never-Visible!

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Photos by Henri T Art @henri_t_art

Robyn Herfellow | Musician Artist Performer | London

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