Chelsea Cabaret

Robyn and Margaret have penetrated Chelsea College of Arts, bound the Dean (again), and stilettoed the door shut, to bring you CHELSEA CABARET, an evening of unabashed queer performances.


Stumble your way to the old bar, submit to a sheath over your camera, convert your money to Queer Dollars, and enter the School of Queer.


The line-up includes: Queerlesque eruption Rubyyy Jones and the legendary Lavinia Co-op, with a ceremonious opening by the one-and-only Pissing Lamp. 


Chelsea Cabaret is an unchartered territory of performance freedom. With no filming or photography allowed, performers are invited to take risks celebrating avant-garde ideas of difference. First-timers and professional performers will rub bits together on stage, injecting a juicy wodge of queerness into the dry hole of academia. 


The Cabaret opens at 6pm and closes at 8.30pm, with the first performance at 6:15 sharp. Entry is free and exchange rate from Pounds Sterling to Queer Dollars favourable. Take the entrance opposite Tate Britain to Chelsea College of Arts, you’ll find the Old Bar is next to the canteen, next to some old queens.

Robyn James Clark | Musician Artist Performer | London

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