Mañana Collective

Led by Cuban flautist Jose Zalba-Smith, The Mañana Collective is a powerhouse of latin rhythm, playing Cuban and Brazilian music together explosively. A volatile, love loaded party bag around every corner, full of beans. An unstoppable expression of joy!

The band came about when Jose met some really talented musicians at the Royal Welsh College of Music and Drama. They bonded over their shared love of latin rhythm and the rest, as they say, is history! 

Recent performances include Taliesen Arts Centre - Swansea University, Walthamstow Street Festival and St James’s Church Piccadilly, London featuring former member of the Buena Vista Social Club Orchestra and Afro Cuban All Stars: Javier Zalba.

The members: Pianist Robyn James Clark, Bassist Pete Komor, Drummer Rod Oughton and hand percussionist Zands Duggan, will always bring a concert of moving multi-continental musical mayhem.

Lonely Hearts Rugby Clwb

The travelling circus that is the Lonely Hearts Rugby Clwb plays extraordinary music from around the world along with compositions from the bottom of Robyn’s heart. Expect an uplifting, unsettling, uncontrollably fun set of music played by 20 lonely people with humungous hearts.

The Lonely Hearts Rugby Clwb is a spirited team of 20 musicians playing music from Bulgaria to Brazil via Wales and South Africa in their PE kits. This unstoppable force is a big band like no other featuring instruments of all shapes and sizes from saxophones to euphonium, tuba to squeaky chicken and cowbells to alarm clocks. You might find yourself dancing with ‘Goodbye Eye Contact Cat’ or singing along to ‘I am the squid pope’ whilst Robyn referees the calamity.

This bursting-at-the-seams big band is an uncontainable expression of exuberance. Of love of life and friendship. Just as a team goes onto a rugby pitch not knowing how they are going to return, the Lonely Hearts Rugby Clwb goes on stage without a clue what’s going to happen next. Their performances are full of surprises, unpredictable and explosive. They are an adorable, bombastic commotion.

Robyn James Clark | Musician Artist Performer | London

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